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Thank goodness you’ve arrived to pick out the best pet ever!

Welcome to Merv Cooper’s Fantastic Crazy Crabs™; the original and the best Crazy Crabs™ established in Perth in 1979.  Crazy Crabs™ is a trademark and has become a household name for these lovable and adorable pets.  All our crabs  are collected in North Western Australia and over the many years we love our Crazy Crabs and know all about em!  Check out the funky range of hand painted shells, crabariums, accessories and food which we make on site at the “Crab Shack” located at 12 Ambrose Street, Rockingham or simply call us on (08) 9528 CRAB (2722).

Just ask Merv about Crazy Crabs™ – and he’ll simply tell you “A House is not a Home without a Crazy Crab!!”

!! NEW !! Stick Insects !!

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